At the camp-site " Nederrijkwald" , to the edge of mount and valley and Groesbeek our Discgolfbaan lie, in the middle of in splendid nature of " Rich of Nijmegen" , with its undulating areas; on the highest parts mainly bunch and lower lain lands and grass countries share. In these entourage one can enjoy in abundance splendid nature without being disturbed by the mass recreation. The Discgolfbaan lie to the Zevenheuvelenweg, with on the North East side bunch and on the south West side our farm with there around the pastures. As from public gone the Discgolfbaan are visible. HOW IT WORKS… Discgolf seem on the traditional golf, only ipv a pellet one play with a frisbee. The aim exists from a steel basket with collars (sports shoe). You frisbee in the sports shoe falls, then you can to the next hole. The winner is gene that the parcours in the lowest litters takes off. Discgolf are for all age groups. Enjoys the open air, the companionship your friends or family. YOU run in a pasture beside the cows with kalfjes and horses. Perhaps you throw, however, " hole in one" … YOU the choice from a long or short job has.
  • The length long job is 1000 - 1250 meters - duration approximately 1.5 hour
  • The length short job is 350 - 550 meters - duration approximately 1 hour
  • We has been opened of 1 April till 30 September, except on Monday then we have been closed, the visiting hours are 10.00 till 20.00.
  • As from 1 October till 31 March we have been only opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The visiting hours are 10.00 till 16.00.
  • Other times and data in consultation!
  • Discgolf are possible also in combination with our other arrangements, such as stay on our farm camp-site, bunch walk, guided tour on our company, coffee/tea with pastry making, dresser, barbecue or other comsumpties etc.
  • Examine the discgolf foto' s