Near the country estate ‘Nederrijk’ on the outskirts of ‘Berg en Dal’ and ‘Groesbeek’ our campsite Nederrijkswald is situated. The campsite is located in the middle of the fine nature of ‘the land of Nijmegen’. The hilly territory is characterized by forests on the higher parts of the country, and acres and grasslands at the lower parts.

In this entourage you can fully enjoy the beautiful nature without being disturbed by mass recreation. The campsite is located 250 meters from the Zevenheuvelenweg (the seven hills road), with a forest on the south-east side and our farm surrounded by meadows in the north-west. Seen from the public road, our campsite is barely visible. We offer you:

* Top quality facilities and farm animals
* Diverse entourage: Town, culture, nature and recreation